My Association With Wholesale Pages

Communication technologies like e-mail, fax and text messages have made communication so frequent but the excessive use of these technologies has also resulted in social isolation. If we make calls even to our close relatives, answering machines ask us to record our messages. Same is the case with business, if we make calls to the customer service, we come across two options, which badly annoy us. Either our call is not picked up by some one or even if it does, we listen to the same inhuman and cruel recording asking us to leave the message.

I was surfing the internet and I came across a review site where I found someone talking negative about the customer service of Wholesale Pages. I was badly hurt and I decided to raise my voice in favour of Wholesale Pages. I had a very good experience with this website and would like to share it with you. I was looking for some trust worthy supplier to buy latest and stylish footwear in wholesale. I came across wholesale Pages and it amazed me with its huge collection of footwear suppliers that were not only legitimate but were also offering stylish, trendy, and vibrant footwear at discounted prices.

I contacted customer service team of to clear out some ambiguities through e-mails and telephone calls. I was expecting a delayed response but I was amazed to see that I got a response of my email within a day and my call was attended immediately. There were no answering machines installed at wholesale pages and instead real humans provided me personalized services. They handled and sorted out my queries in an efficient manner. The customer service staff is really knowledgeable and they have great experience of handling all kinds of queries. I can still feel how much satisfied I felt, when I dropped down the call after talking to their representative.

Later on I successfully imported footwear in bulk and all the stock I received was good quality. As a buyer, what else do you want? I salute Wholesale Pages for their kind support. These bad reviews cannot change my decision of dealing with Wholesale Pages in future. Thumbs up to Wholesale Pages!

Another review post by one of the other loyal customer of Wholesale Pages:

If you know you are exceptional in exploring online business deals according to your business, internet can prove to be the best source for you to grow accordingly with time. Unfortunately business websites, which know how search engine operates while rating sites, use this art to defame their competitors and mislead innocent people. Their real talent is to exploit online opportunities for the growth of businesses by blotting others.

If you have bought few products online, you must be familiar with the fears of being scammed. Each online buyer feels the same threat and so did I. I did not believe there is something called honesty in online business transactions. I run a handbags shop in Croydon, London and for me sourcing good handbags means a lot of travelling and bargaining and even then it was really difficult for me to find good deals.

All of such fears were before I joined Wholesale Pages, one of the few good online wholesale directories where I simply visit different suppliers and place orders. Buying handbags from online suppliers has become quite easy for me now because I completely trust All the suppliers enlisted here are reliable and genuine. The most appealing thing for me is that Wholesale Pages is an easy to use website with no flashy banners, distracting navigations and pop-ups. The absence of all these things helps me do my job calmly and without any hassle. Their newsletter is another added benefit through which I get my hands on special offers and wonderful discounts with latest market information, which helps my business grow.

How can I forget sharing that I am fond of marketing opportunities they offer because I have discovered new growth horizons for my business? I am also planning to expand my business and would include designer bags as well to make more bucks. I do not have more words to praise Wholesale Pages than saying, “Superb business partner”.